Sixth Officer James Moody
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James Moody in an undated photograph
as a child. (Click image to enlarge)

Undated image of a James
Moody as a boy

Undated image of James Moody in a suit. (Source: Titanic Valour/Inger Sheil)

Undated photograph of James Moody
(source: Inger Sheil). (Click to enlarge)

James Moody
(Source: Encyclopedia Titanica)

James Moody in uniform as a junior White Star Line officer (Inger Sheil/Titanic Valour)

In a close up 'mug shot' from the above photograph, this is the most popoular photograph of Titanic's youngest junior officer

A digitally enhanced version of the 'mug shot' above brings out a less pensive look.