Captain E.J. Smith - Film Portrayals

Captain Smith's legendary status was affirmed with a series of iconic portrayals, most notably the following:

Otto Rippert, "In Night and Ice" (1912)

German actor Otto Rippert (1869-1940), in the German version of the Titanic story in a short film released in August 1912 entitled "In Night and Ice",
only 4 months after the tragedy.

German actor Otto Rippert as the "Kaptain", in the wireless room. (Click to enlarge)

For more information on this film, the first to portray Captain Smith, check this article, including a full version of the film remastered in English and with a new score here:
In Nacht und Eis - "In Night and Ice" - 1912 German Titanic film

Otto Wernicke, "Titanic" (1943)

German actor Otto Wernicke (centre), the 1943 Nazi version of the Titanic story.

Wernicke is best known for his role as police inspector Karl Lohmann in the two Fritz Lang films M and The Testament of Dr. Mabuse. Interestingly, Wernicke was married to a Jewish woman. Only due to a special permit and substantial donation to the Nazi Party was he allowed to continue his work in Nazi Germany. He appeared in the 1944–1945 propaganda epic Kolberg (Source: Wikipedia).

Brian Aherne, "Titanic" (1953)

Brian Aherne (left) was an Oscar-nominated Anglo-American stage and screen actor, seen here in the 1953 Twentieth Century-Fox production of "Titanic"

Brian Aherne as Captain Smith on the bridge. He ironically starred in another film with a familiar title, "A Night to Remember." However, it was a totally different story than the one that most Titanic aficionados are familiar with...

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Clarence Derwent (1956) — "A Night to Remember" (TV)

Clarence Derwent as Captain Smith (left) with Lightoller in the
Kraft Television Theatre live TV show "A Night to Remember" (American TV).

Laurence Naismith "A Night to Remember"(1958)

British actor Laurence Naismith (left) is the only actor to receive approval from the Smith family in his portrayal of Captain Smith. Smith's daughter Mel visited the set during its production and was apparantly particularly pleased with Lawrence Naismith’s portrayal
of her father in the film.

Actor Laurence Naismith talks with the daughter
of the real Captain Smith, Helen Russell-Cooke,
on the set of A Night to Remember, 1958
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Harry Andrews, "S.O.S. Titanic - TV Movie" (1979)

British character actor, Harry Andrews, wearing glasses, in the 1979 TV movie.

British character actor, Harry Andrews (centre), in the 1979 TV movie.

George C. Scott, "Titanic" - TV Miniseries (1996)

Possibly the most famous actor to play the role - George C. Scott (right) gives an over-the-top theatrical version of the captain.

Bernard Hill, "Titanic" (1997)

British actor Bernard Hill's performance of the Captain in James Cameron's record breaking and award winning 1997 film renewed the legend to a new generation.

Bernard Hill "Captain Smith" costume sketch that was sold at auction July 29, 2013. From the auction description: "Color sketch of Bernard Hill as 'Captain Smith' from the James Cameron epic Titanic. The sketch is accomplished in pencil and gouache on 10 x 14 in. artist paper. It features 'Captain Smith' in full-dress navy blue uniform holding one of his pair of leather gloves. The sketch features a Titanic title and ship icon in the upper left, a red flag in upper center. “Volunteer Officers Decoration Transport Medal South Africa” in right margin, a detail pencil sketch of the back of the Captain’s coat and signature by the artist, “Gerald Moulin” dated “1996”." (Click image to enlarge)

Bernard Hill's costumer from the film.

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The 1997 "Titanic" version also showed Captain Smith dying in the wheelhouse inside the bridge.

David Calder, "Titanic" - TV series/4 episodes (2012)

David Calder played the role of Captain Smith in Julian Fellows' (of writer of Downton Abbey) verion of the tragedy.

Captain Smith can also be seen in two "Virtual Reality" games:

Titanic VR (2018)

An Ireland based company, Immersive VR Education created an 360/VR educational interactive story and game including the sinking and wreck, and a recreation of Captain Smith.

The VR/360 recreation of Captain Smith even went so far as to get a look alike
for Captain Smith to be captured digitally.

Titanic: Honor & Glory (In Development)

"Honor and Glory "is a video game currently under development by Vintage Digital Revival(Four Funnels Entertainment) that will feature the most accurate digital representation of the RMS Titanic to date, as well as a model of the city
of Southampton in 1912.